The CRITT for mechanical engineering
and composite materials


Creation of CRITT
Industrial Mechanics

The CRITT Industrial Mechanics was established by Paul Sabatier University, INSA and CETIM. The management of which has been entrusted to the university.


New name : CRITT Mechanical Engineering and Composite Materials

In order to affirm a great focus on composite material, we now call CRITT Mechanical Engineering and Composite Materials.


ISO 9001

The CRITT Mechanical Engineering and Composite Materials  is ISO 9001 approved throughout the entire range of sectors of technological activities.



The CRITT Mechanical Engineering and Composite Materials   obtained the CRT label for the quality of its technological services.


Move into
Espace Clement Ader

The CRITT Mechanical Engineering and Composite Materials move to Espace Clément Ader, located in Montaudran Aerospace.

Our missions

To make the interface between research and industry

The CRITT M&C is a link between academic research and industry, in order to integrate the latest technological innovations in your product development.

To improve competitiveness of the enterprises

One of our goals is to access to our staff's know-how and the quality of our technical means in order to help the SMEs to take a technological step forward and to improve their competitivity.

To support SMEs in each step of their product developments

When you work with the CRITT M&C, the SMEs can access to a broader array of funding tools and facilitating more widespread use of public-private partnerships in order to develop  products.

To diagnose and provide a technological solution at the SME problems

With the high level skills of our engineers and partner laboratories researchers, we  can help you to identify the cause of structures failure, to give a technical expertise on your innovative products and to provide technological solutions.

To ensure a technological

In order to speed up the process, the CRITT M&C ensure a technological survey in the field of composite materials, innovative manufacturing process and engineerring.

To train the SME staff in order to evolve with technology innovations

Our engineers and partner laboratories researchers train your staff in order to update the technological and scientific knowledge, to develop competence and to acquire new skills.


Areas of Excellence

Design and mechanical analysis

Our engineering and technical staff is dedicated to using their knowledge to design industrial prototype and testing devices and to make numerical calculations of homogeneous and composite material structures.


We are very competent in the area of composite materials design, manufacturing and repair. Thanks to this expertise, we develop your composite material parts, define the materials and the manufacturing processes, design and validate the process and finally produce a composite material prototype.

Characterisation and

Our qualified and experienced team carry out standard and non standard tests, dynamic testings,  fatigue and endurance tests, and also physico-chemical analysis of polymers and composite materials.


Control and

Thanks to our high performance equipment and our recognized expertise in the field of control and metrology, we can make non destructive testings of metallic and composite parts, dimensional and geometrical measuring of parts and microscopic inspections.


The CRITT for Mechanical Engineering and Composite Materials is an approved training organisation that plans for SMEs some theoretical and practical training cours in the fields of mechanical engineering and composite materials.