Composite Materials

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Our high level skill in composite materials enables to perform the development, the design and the manufacturing of composite materials parts.


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Temperature controlled chamber for a spectropolarimeter

- Spectropolarimeter chamber of Pic du Midi observatory and Hawai observatory. Ait-tightness, no particles, light-tight, temperature controlled withn a precision of +/- 0.1°C.

- Chamber manufactured from fiberglass sandwich panels.

Lightened windscreen for aerospace

- Lightened windscreen development based on composite material and glass panel assembly.

- Analysis, materials characterisation, tooling design, prototype manufacturing, industrialization.

Composite material injector

- Development of the RTM process of an injector for environmental control systems in Airbus A320.

- Design, dynamic calculation, liquid moulding injection simulation, tooling design, industrialization.

Autoclave process : Autostruct - Patent number 97 14862

- Patent for one shot manufacturing process of a carbon fiber composite stiffened panel for shipbuilding appilcation.

- Several processes are studied (infusion and autoclave). Development of a definitive one-shot autoclave processing.

Polar Observer

- In April 2002, Jean-Louis Etienne began an Arctic drift journey. During 3 months, he lived on the sea ice inside the Polar Observer.

- Design, numerical calculation, manufacturing with composite sandwich panels. Equipment integration (heating device, radio antenna, solar panel,…).

Artworks in composite materials

- Works of art installed in 3 metro stations of Toulouse. Fire resistance, mechanical resistance, public safety.

- Assistance to choose the best solution for materials, design, mechanical engineering, processing development, production monitoring, qualification tests.